Don't panic
Covid-19 has plunged the world into a crisis that is unprecedented and has wide-ranging implications for everyone's health, the economy and wider societal and global structures.
It's a shock to the system - that of the planet, humanity and each individual. And with the measures to fight it, such as isolation and quarantine, and the unavoidable economic impact we all face there comes a need for coping mechanisms to stay sane in insane times.

Positive Psychology

Humans adapt quickly, we sing to each other from balconies, we show incredible kindness, we connect to each other more deeply, but as the situation drags on, we will need mechanisms that have longer lasting positive effects on our mental health.
We know that practising spirituality has a positive impact on mental health, but now might not be the time to start aligning your chakras. Now is a time for simple things that we can all do, right now.

Don't Panic was created with chartered psychologist Dr. Paul Marsden and creative director Rachel Hunt.

Paul has spent years condensing positive psychology into a recipe for happiness, via positive nudges that broadly follow the ARC of Happiness (Autonomy, Relatedness, Competence) and go to show how simple interventions can bring lasting wellbeing and happiness into your life.
The three areas that influence a person's happiness

The above chart describes how our happiness is made up - 50% you can't really do anything about. Some people are just genetically predisposed to be happier than others. Only 10% is determined by circumstance, whether you're born into a poor or rich family, which part of the world you live in, etc.

Which leaves a whopping 40% that we can actually influence through activities that make us happier.
Don't panic offers 6 simple exercises you can easily integrate into your life, which are scientifically proven to improve your well-being. We also collect articles and Op-Eds which bring perspective, hope, levity and some good news amidst the chaos.
The entire project was created within a week, remotely between the three of us, including design, copywriting and the build of the site.
Illustrations are by the talented Pablo Stanley.
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