"What we're doing at Parity is coming up with a fundamentally new way of building online services, a much more open, peer-to-peer way of interacting with each other where users have more autonomy."
- Dr. Jutta Steiner
parity are a core blockchain infrastructure company. They are creating an open-source creative commons that will enable people to create better institutions through technology.
Huh? I know...
Basically, they are one of the world's most accomplished blockchain companies.
Parity Ethereum powers the core of the Ethereum network, handling over $50 billion in assets and underpinning some of the most ambitious projects in the blockchain space.
How did we get here?

All the way back in 2015, I met with Dr. Jutta Steiner and Dr. Gavin Wood to discuss their plans for what was then called Ethcore. To say I understood what they laid out would be a gross exaggeration but I believe things are most interesting when you're a bit out of your depth.
It led me down the rabbit hole of blockchain and the server-less, trust-free, de-centralised web they envision. Soon the name changed to parity and for a year, I was involved in shaping the brand identity and communication.
The brand identity extended to all touch-points, including weird analogue applications such as business cards and headed paper (!). It also found its way into their office.
Here are some of them along with some other explorations and spin-off projects.
Learn more about parity here.